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Very Real Books

The Cowbatross
and Other Very Real Creatures

The very first ever book! Full of puns and silly doodles masquerading as scientifically plausible sounding facts

The Great White Snark
and Other Very Real Creatures

Fully funded on Kickstarter
Book coming soon!

About the Very Real Series

Very Real Creatures is a series of comedy field guide coloring books.

Comedy: They’re full of silly jokes and wordplay, as well as ridiculously goofy drawings.

Field guide: The Very Real books are written in the format of a Bestiary, i.e. a descriptive or anecdotal treatise on various real or mythical kinds of animals. Each creature in the book comes with scientifically plausible sounding write up.

Coloring Book: You can totally color these books. You don’t have to, but if you like coloring, go for it! In addition to the creatures, many pages have additional line drawing doodles that you can color in.

The books are printed on premium 100# silk paper. This paper is excellent for every type of coloring implement I have tried on it including colored pencils, crayons, markers, sharpies, and even watercolor.

Is this a kids book or a grown-up book?


Kids love the ridiculous looking creatures with fun-to-say names.

Adults enjoy the humor, which is definitely written with an adult audience in mind. And also the ridiculous looking creatures – who doesn’t love a ridiculous creature?!

Share! Very really!

These books are released under a Creative Commons cc-by-nc-4.0 license. That means you can use the contents of the book for pretty much anything as long as its non-commercial.

Email me to request a free PDF copy of the book.

What can you do with your digital copy? Pretty much anything you’d like! Here’s some ideas:

  • Print your favorite creature to share with a friend
  • Bring some pages to your local library for a coloring event
  • Email the book to your favorite aunt
  • Print out a whole bunch of copies for your best friend’s kid’s 7th birthday party
  • Share pages you’ve colored on the social medias

You can even make remixes! Need to make custom printed frosting sheets for a silly animal themed birthday cake? Go for it. Feel the burning need to translate the book into Klingon? Sure, why not.  Craving a giant glow-in-the-dark stick-on vinyl cowbatross for your bedroom ceiling? Make it happen! Want to read the book aloud as your audition for an internationally renowned poetry ensemble? Go right ahead! Want to record yourself crooning a Cowbatross love ballad? Oh goodness please do, I would love to hear it!

If you post about your remix online, please tag me! I’m @chickadingo over on facebook and instagram.

A few Very Real Creatures…