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The Author

Who is Libby Rose?

An author.
An illustrator.
A very silly person.
A fount of puns and other bad jokes.
The creative force behind the Very Real Creature series.

Libby has far too many hobbies. One might say that having hobbies is her hobby.

Just a few of the myriad things she enjoys include: drawing, playing piano, teaching people how to snowboard, growing a vegetable garden, foraging for mushrooms and other wild edibles, fiber arts like crochet and knitting and sewing and braiding rugs, wearing silly hats, and making people laugh.

Libby has a very fluffy cat named Keith Moon. Teaching Keith tricks is another of Libby’s many hobbies. Right now they’re working on Stay and Shake Hands. Keith is a very good kitty. (Usually.)

Keith’s main hobby is sitting on Libby’s lap, thereby trapping her and preventing her from doing other things.

Libby has been drawing goofy critters since like third grade probably. It might be longer. No one really knows.

Somehow it took four decades before all that doodling turned into a book. How did it happen? Again, no one really knows. Some magical combination of friends giving encouragement, finding an entertaining enough premise, and too much free time.

Libby published her first ever book, The Cowbatross and Other Very Real Creatures, in the spring of 2023.

Book two, The Great White Snark and Other Very Real Creatures, is currently being written, expected to be published in 2024.

There are many more future volumes planned!